VisionWink guides your project from concept to finished film and through every step of the process. We work with our clients to find the core of their message, then deliver it in the genre, style and format that fits. The resulting documentary, commercial, or promotional piece is a collaboration, and it is in that spirit that we are able to create an invaluable product for you: a powerful, original film that will move audiences.

VisionWink's "Vision" is about compassionate storytelling and a deep commitment to producing high quality films, beautiful images, and authentic voices. VisionWink's "Wink" is about balancing the serious side of our work with a healthy dose of humanity and, when needed, humor.

Jessica Jennings / Creative Director

Jessica is a two time Emmy® Award winning producer, director, cinematographer and editor based in Rhode Island. Jessica's work in documentary, commercial and feature films has been broadcast and shown at film festivals around the country and internationally. Her company VisionWink Productions most recently produced Home Across Lands, an exploration of how a small group of newly resettled Kunaman refugees find support and reestablish community in a small New England state, and Boy in the World, a documentary about the inclusion of a boy with developmental disabilities in a regular education classroom and in his community. Jessica received a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and a BA from the University of Chicago. Current work includes directing and producing a film about the efforts of urban communities to save and improve their public schools amidst socioeconomic, cultural, and political challenges.

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