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Home Across Lands is the story of how a small group of Kunaman refugees find support, reestablish community, and make a new home in a small New England state. Guiding their resettlement is the devoted staff of the International Institute of Rhode Island that connects them to resources they need for education, health, and economic stability in the Rhode Island communities in which they now live.

The Kunama are considered to be among the original inhabitants of the region they fled due to persecution by their homeland government of Eritrea earlier this decade. Now refugees at the Shimelba Camp in Ethiopia, many Kunama have formed new communities of support and family in spite of their displacement. The camp is a temporary home, however, and as the Kunama begin to resettle in other countries, their sense of home, identity and community is compromised yet again, making them vulnerable in their dispersion. How does a small rural tribe that is uprooted, possibly for the first time in its history, survive the tremendous changes that besiege them as refugees? Further, how does this same population resettle in a country so different from its own in terms of climate, technology, and economics, as the United States of America?

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Home Across Lands premieres at the 13th Annual RI International Film Festival on Wednesday, August 5, 2009, at 7pm at the Columbus Theater Arts Center in Providence, RI. Click here to purchase tickets.



A Trusted Partner is an empathetic look at the work of the Northshore Education Consortium, an educational collaborative offering therapeutic educational alternatives for students with special needs including developmental diabilities, emotional and behavioral challenges, as well as drug and alcohol addiction. This fifteen-minute promotional film explores the Consortium's four schools while demonstrating the mission and unity of its programs.

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For many three and four-year-olds, learning how to live in the world begins in a preschool classroom. Children with disabilities are no exception. Boy in the World follows a young boy with Down syndrome in his fully inclusive life at school, at home and in his community in Providence, Rhode Island. Through his story we learn what it really means to be included: the triumphs, the struggles, and how it affects everyone involved. This film is a rich exploration of how inclusion works, from the nuts-and-bolts of a successful inclusive classroom to the benefits and challenges of an educational practice that seeks to help all children to learn. Online trailer coming soon.

Boy in the World had its broadcast premiere on Rhode Island PBS in January 2008, and had a second broadcast at 8pm in September 2008. This intimate documentary was nominated for four Emmy Awards and won for Outstanding Photography from the New England Chapter of the National Association of Television Arts and Sciences in May 2009. The film also won a Telly Award for Outstanding Editing in July.

Boy in the World can be purchased by individuals (for home use only) from the Rhode Island Parent Information Network, and by schools and other institutions at Fanlight Productions.

Boy in the World screens at the 13th Annual RI International Film Festival on Saturday, August 8, 2009, at 3pm at the Columbus Theater Arts Center in Providence, RI. Click here to purchase tickets.


Ghana Girl


Big World, Small World is the story of one man who is making a difference in his community and in his country by educating students who would otherwise have no chance to escape the perpetual cycle of abject poverty that impacts so many Ghanaian families.

A shorter version of Big World, Small World, called Longitude, was acquired by Current TV for broadcast in early 2008.

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